uncleared cheques

When I file application for personal bankruptcy, and I`m asked about cash on hand and my bank balance, what happens to a cheque that was written hasn`t cleared yet and therefore hasn`t been taken off the bank balance? Are any cheques that haven`t been cleared through my bank account considered NSF then, even if I have enough in the account to cover them?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

The only reason you were asked about cash on hand was to determine if you had more than what is necessary for your typical living expenses. For example, if you had a savings account with $10,000 set aside for a rainy day, then this would be considered a non-exempt asset and something you would have to be paid into the bankruptcy estate.

As long as you only have sufficient for normal circumstances you don’t have to worry and your cheques should clear the bank as normal.