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First Meeting of Creditors

1.What are the circumstances that would result in a meeting of creditors with a first time bankruptee?
2.How much debt would the bankruptee have to have?
3. Is it a meeting of creditors always announced in the local paper by the Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

Thank you for your help.

One Response to “First Meeting of Creditors”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Part of this answer depends on what type of bankruptcy you have filed.

If the trustee anticipates greater than $10,000 of realizable assets then he is required to file an ordinary bankruptcy. Meaning a creditor meeting must be held and notice must be published in teh paper, regardless of whether there is a perciraved need for this meeting or not.

However, if there are less thatn $10,000 of realizable assets the bankruptcy is what we call a summary administration and a creditor meeting is only called when requested and notice is not normally published in the paper. In this type of administration it is difficult to predict when the creditors are going to request it, although this meeting is more likely when you have something unusual that has taken place in the recent past (i.e. questionable transactions, fraudulent behavior).

For more informaiton on this you are best to discuss it with a local trustee .