Employment after bankruptcy

After filing bankruptcy, will it in any way affect my chances of getting hired for a job? Can I not get hired for a job because I did bankruptcy in my past?

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

While most employers aren’t concerned with your financial status, we find there are a few that may choose not to hire as a result of this blemish on your financial past. The most common of these are bank employees, but every province seems to differ. I have heard of provinces where you are not able to be an insurance or mortgage broker, you can work for those organizaitons, just not be the broker. I have heard that certain provinces to practice law you must have never filed for bankruptcy (this is a good one to confirm with a local trustee in your province as I think this is the exception not the rule, I know in Alberta this isn’t the case but I have heard it is not true across the board).

So yes there are a few that you may have difficulties with, but as a general rule it doesn’t seem to be an issue with most employers.