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calls at work

To whom it may concern,

Succinctly, what is the rule for a debtor in Ontario vis-a-vis 1) creditors and 2) collection agencies calling at work?

In other words, it is my understanding that a debtor in Ontario can be called at work by the original creditor and that there is nothing one can do to stop that. true or false.

However, it is also my understanding that for a d debtor in Ontario, a collection agency can be stopped from calling the debtor at work.

Is my understanding of those 2 different parts fundamentally correct? If so, what does one have to do get the collection agency to stop calling you at work? Write a letter (registered mail) to the collection agency stating that they are not to call you at work regarding the debt?

One Response to “calls at work”

Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

While I am not as familiar with the practices in Ontario as I am with those of Alberta, both provinces are quite similar in these respects.

Essentially collectors can call someone at work to discuss things until they have been requested by the debtor to not call them at work and made alternate arrangements to discuss the situation. The key is that once these arrangements have been made you must make sure you follow through with your commitment to discuss things as arranged.

This principle holds true regardless of whether you dealing with the original creditor or a collection agency.

Other than that if you are looking for ways to stop the harrassment you may want to consider contacting a local trustee and he will be able to discus a number of different ways you can deal with and resolve this situation.