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Second bankruptcy-court

I filed for bankruptcy when I was single about 12 years ago due to student loans and being unable to make payments based on low paying jobs. Last year my husband and I filed for bankruptcy and he has already been discharged as it was his first time. Apparently I have to go before a bankruptcy judge in court for my case. The problem is that we have re-located half way across the country for a better job for my husband. The court date for me has been set for June and flying out there will cause severe hardship to our finances and the big dilemma is that we have two young children and no one to care for them if I have to fly to another province to go to bankruptcy court. Are there any options? I want to resolve this situation, but this is causing a lot of stress. Any answers would be appreciated.

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Barton Goth GCO Bankruptcy Trustees said...

You need to conact your trustee, explain the difficulties you will have in attending the court date and ask for his input. I dont’ think the trip would be necessary, but you are best to discuss this with someone who is familiar with the specifics of your file.