Conditional Discharge

I am sorry I have been ill and not able to see your reply to my question of March 2 until today…the question was on “length of term for conditional discharge”. I am from Ontario and the term of ten years was made by a Registrar from the bankruptcy court in toronto. My ex-wife opposed my bankruptcy and the registrar ordered a conditional discharge and payments for TEN years from my pension income. This is not “support” because her salary is $70,000 per year. I have not received any signed order from the court and the trustee just keeps telling me it has not been signed…from September, 2006. I still need to know if by law he can make an order for TEN years.

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A licensed trustee said...

As I stated in my previous response, I have not heard of any such Order being issued in Ontario, but obviously they can (and have).

You have the right to return to Court 12 months after the Order was issued and ask for the Order to be varied. I suggest you speak to either your trustee or an insolvency lawyer to determine how this is done.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of a TEN year “conditional discharge” anywhere?????