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Bankruptcy in 2003

Filed bankruptcy in 2003 – do not have certificate yet reason still owe them money. First of all the people were not really up front with me (long story). Now I make alot less money what am I to do?? I did not pay excess because of dispute. What should I do because I need the discharge certificate. Can u help????

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A licensed trustee said...

Unfortunately, we can’t – in order to obtain your discharge you must appear in Bankruptcy Court. The Registrar (think judge) will ask your trustee for a report as to why you havn’t been discharged. The Registrar will then tell you that you may be discharged when you have taken care of whatever items your trustee reports you haven’t done yet.

Sorry, but the law was set up to allow you relief from your debts – in order to get that relief there are things you had to do (making payments to your trustee is just one of those duties). You didn’t do what was required and therefore you are still stuck with the debts.

Go and see your trustee – figure what needs to be done and find a way to do it. Sorry, but that’s how you will get your discharge.