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Will my Money be taking away?

My Fiancee is going through a divorce and has approx $290,000.00 in debt jointly with his soon to be ex wife, I am my self have excellent credit and quite a bit of money, he has 3 kids & is currently paying child support, he pays nothing living with me, but his soon to be ex wife wants him to pay 1/2 the debt & 1/2 the mortgage, we live in Alberta & I’m concerned that the creditors and or soon to be ex wife will come after me for the money that he owes.

One Response to “Will my Money be taking away?”

Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

As long as you haven’t been listed on the court documents and are in no way party to the marital dispute, I am not aware of any way the creditors could demand you to make payments on your fiancée’s / spouse’s behalf. However, you would be wise to confirm this with your fiancée’s divorce attorney as I am not familiar with the finer parts of divorce legislation so there may be some obscure clause that I have never run across.

However, I would recommend you keep your money in a separate bank account, don’t add your fiancée name to that account, or to any property that you may own prior to having been involved with your fiancée,