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Undischarged to consumer proposal

Iam a undischarged bankrupt for about 5 months now can I switch to a consumer proposal at this time.

One Response to “Undischarged to consumer proposal”

A licensed trustee said...

This is a discussion that you should be having with your trustee – they are already familiar with your situation and they should have all of the information necessary to make the conversion.

Unfortunately, if you have “run into trouble” with your current trustee (perhaps you failed to make the required payments or perform all of your duties properly) you may have a hard time convincing your trustee that this is a good idea. Further, you may have an even harder time finding a new trustee to help you if your current trustee refuses to.

I am mentioning this more for the other people reading this Blog than for you – everyone has to remember that if they file bankruptcy there are duties and responsibilities that must be performed. If they are not completed properly there can be serious consequences. If you file bankruptcy, listen to your trustee and make sure you do everything that you are supposed to.