Bankruptcy and relocation

I claimed bankruptcy in Montreal in late 2004 and made 150$ payments to the Trustee until December 2005. I notified them in November, 2004, that I had to move out of the province and would not be able to return and requested that my hearing be as quickly as possible. I live in Ontario, it is April 2006 and my hearing is April 25. I have sent my Trustee a fax, email, voice mail and called her office to be told she would call me back which she never did. My Licensed Insolvency Trustee will not respond to me and I do not know, if I still have a hearing, if I will be discharged, it is impossible for me to attend. I was not given information as to the address of the court house where my hearing is, the name of the judge, or anything to contact them to notify them of my personal circumstances and am left completely in the dark. Also, is their an association that holds Licensed Insolvency Trustees accountable for being unprofessional or some kind of a disciplinary committee? Any info would be appreciated.

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A licensed trustee said...

All trustees are licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy. You can file a complaint or get more information through the OSB web site.