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On Works(welfare) awaiting ODSP(disability).

Almost 2 years ago I lost almost all my $$ in a small business start-up. I went through a magor depression which exacerbated my underlying health problem and I am unable to work now. I owe $20,000 in credit card debt with no way of paying it. If my health improves I may be able to work casual part-time flex hours. I have never not payed a bill and up until 2 years ago I never even paid interest on any credit card. Now I am living on my cards!I sold my car last fall($7,500) to cover my expenses for a few more months. This is so devasting to me that I actually attempted suicide a few months ago. Anyway, my question is if I go bankrupt how do I pay the trustee? I am not getting enough money from welfare to live on right now- $536 month, at best I will get $959 month on disability if I qualify.
Stats: divorced, no spousal support, no life insurance, possibility of major surgery again within the next year.
Thanks GR

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Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

The cost of a bankruptcy depends on your monthly income, your family size, and your assets. We suggest you contact a licensed trustee to determine the cost of a bankruptcy in your case. Most trustees will make payment arrangements with you.

If you are unable to pay anything, some trustees participate in the you Bankrupty assistance program where the cost of a bankruptcy may be reduced. However, in most cases the cost of the bankruptcy is based on the rules set out by the government, so a no cost bankruptcy is very unusual.