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Having credit while I am an undischarged bankrupt

I am applying for a position which will involve travel. For the purposes of renting cars, booking hotel rooms and airline tickets I will need a credit card. I understand that I must disclose that I am an undischarged bankrupt and forward pertinent documents to my trustee but are there ways to actually obtain a credit card while undischarged? If so, how?

One Response to “Having credit while I am an undischarged bankrupt”

A licensed trustee said...

It is very difficult to obtain a credit card while you are an undischarged bankrupt. You are correct that you must disclose that you are bankrupt (the credit card company would find out from your credit report anyway)which will disqualify you from most credit cards.

You could try Home Trust Visa for a secured credit card; they will probably not give it to you while you are bankrupt. Your other alternatives would be to have your employer get you a company credit card, or perhaps have a family member or friend get a credit card in their name, and get a supplementary card for you with your name on it. Of course this will be a problem for your friend if you don’t pay the credit card, so my advice would be to pay cash where possible until you are discharged from bankruptcy.