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morality and debt.

Am I a bad person if I cant pay my bills? I am taking someone’s money who owns part of the credit card company .Now that I owe so much and can’t pay I feel like I stole it.I used it to live on .I have had the cards for more than 10 years and was allowed to use them. Honestly I dont know how my debt got so out of control. I didn’t over spend on them. I didn’t gamble or purchase trips etc.Are there many others in my position? Do many people pay one card with an other like I do? Are companies understanding when you can’t pay or go bankrupt.Will they try ferociously to get every dime. If I speak to them and tell them my situation ,will they realize I can’t pay and not be as tough on me.Or will they try everything to get every penny.

One Response to “morality and debt.”

A licensed trustee said...

You are not a bad person just because you can’t pay your bills (just like you are not a bad person if you get a cavity in your teeth). More than 100,000 people in Canada go bankrupt or file a consumer proposal each year, so you are not alone. You should not try to deal with this alone. Speak to a trustee who will explain your options so that you can get back on track.