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Am I responsible for my boyfriend’s debts?

I have been living with a guy for almost 3 months now…he is having financial problems and is considering bankruptcy. I currently rent an apartment and furnished it all myself and have not received any funds from him towards the rent, bills or groceries due to his financial situation. I want to know, if he files for bankruptcy can they sieze any of my belongings or will this effect me in anyway at all besides the obvious? Can anyone hold me responsible for any of his debts?? Please advise me!

One Response to “Am I responsible for my boyfriend’s debts?”

A licensed trustee said...

If you did not co-sign or other wise guarantee any of your boyfriend’s debts then his creditors have no legal recourse against you or the things that you own. You might want to check with him to make certain that he is not dealing with any finance companies – these are high interest lenders that often require a list of furnishings as collateral for their loans. If he has taken out any new loans since he moved in with you he may have listed some of your possessions on such a list – that might cause you some problems.