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Deadbeat Dad

My ex-husband and I have been seperated for 4 yrs. The divorce was finalized in March 2005. Unfortunately, the divorce did not deal with any matrimonial property. He essentionally walked out on all the matrimonial debt, including the mortgage on the home we purchased in June 1999. I have paid all of our matrimonial debt, plus paid the mortage, and all repairs/maintenance to the home without any financial help from him since he left in September 2001. The down payment on the house was a gift soley to me by my parents. I just received a letter informing me that he has since filed for bankruptcy and has included the matrimonial home as 1/2 interest belonging to him. He cashed out over $5000 in RRSP that I purchased for him, plus walked out on over $7000 in bills, credit card debt, consolidation loan, etc. Is he seriously entitled to half of the value of the home considering he only contributed to the mortgage for a little over 2 yrs when I have been making the payments myself for the last 4 + years??

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A licensed trustee said...

I would suggest you contact your divorce lawyer, since I have never heard of a divorce that didn’t deal with matrimonial property. If your ex-husband still owns half the house, than his trustee has no choice but to attempt to get his half of the value, so for you, legal advice is essential.