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conditional discharge after 9 months with monies oweing ,


If I have done every think right and I have and , I am deemed to still owe my trustee money in the form of surplus income to the tone of $4000.00 what happens .
at present I am paying 360.00 a month to the trustee , I can not afford to pay anymore then this since I am the only income earner in a family of 3 (allowance of 2662). so if my math is right i still will not get my discharge for at least 3 more years , unless i come up with the cash sooner and if i do i will end up paying more right ?
when they do the 7 month review , how do they come up with the total payable of 15 months ?
what happens if you walk away from your house , in regards to morgage and bankruptcy?

thank you

One Response to “conditional discharge after 9 months with monies oweing ,”

A licensed trustee said...

This is a question you should ask your trustee. In general, if you have surplus income, your trustee will go to court and have the bankruptcy judge or registrar sign an order requiring you to pay a certain amount over a certain period of time to complete the bankruptcy. If you can’t agree on the terms of that order with your trustee, you can request mediation (where a representative of the government will assist in determining a fair amount) and you can attend your discharge hearing and explain your situation to the court, in the hopes of getting a reasonable payment arrangement.