jobs and bad credit

I am having a bad time with credit and may consider bankruptcy. A few of my creditors have said that even when I do get more jobs to apply for, they wont hire me because of my bad credit/bankruptcy. How much does it really affect my hireability and how do I handle it. I want to get back on track soon with a job, but if I cant get one, how do I work?

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Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Once your bankruptcy is complete and you have been discharged you should be able to apply for any job or position.

There are certain types of employment (such as law enforcement and security work) that may not look favorably upon an application from someone who has been previously bankrupt. Unfortunately, you may not know if it was the bankruptcy or some other aspect of your application that worked against you.

As well, there may be some organizations who will not grant a license to someone who has filed a bankruptcy (i.e. insurance broker, lawyer…) but this is highly dependant on the professional organization responsible for licensing and the province in question.