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Collectors taking money from my account without asking

CIBC revoked my visa about a year ago and ever since a canadian collection agency has been after me. I recently had some monies put into my account out of province to pay some bills, but before I could collect the monies from the bank, the collection agency took it all except for 1 dollar. It took me a day or so to find out where it even went, can they legally do this? Also can they take money from any bank of mine or just the one where the visa was issued?


One Response to “Collectors taking money from my account without asking”

Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

Assuming your creditor has obtained a judgment and registered a writ of enforcement, then they are well within their rights to seize money from any of your accounts. When your bank account is garnisheed, the creditor may take the entire amount of money that you owe. This means all money on deposit at your financial institution can be taken. The creditor does not have to leave you anything. If your employer deposits your wages directly into your account, the money is considered to be a bank deposit and all of it can be garnisheed, even if it is a joint account you hold with someone else. Ultimately the creditor will retain this right until the amount owed including, interest and penalties, is paid in full. If this is making it difficult to cover your necessary expenses I recommend contacting a trustee in your local area and they will be able to walk you through the different methods available to combat this type of occurrence.