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Consumer Proposal vs. Career Choices

I’ve run in to some financial difficulties in the past and I’m considering filing a consumer proposal. My question is will this affect my ability to hold certain jobs. I am currently enrolled in an Accounting program and would be interested in pursuing a career in the financial industry. If there is in fact restrictions, will these still be in place after a discharge has been granted.
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One Response to “Consumer Proposal vs. Career Choices”

Barton Goth, GCO Inc. Bankruptcy Trustees said...

The answer to your question is highly dependant on 3 things; (a) the province you reside; (b) the type of jobs you will be applying for; (b) the specific licensing body that you will have to be dealing with.

As a general rule a consumer proposal is less limiting than a bankruptcy, but I would recommend contacting a trustee in your local area who will be more familiar with the specific legislation and local licensing authorities.