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Bankruptcy Questions You Should Discuss with Your Trustee

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You will likely have a lot of questions about bankruptcy that you would like to discuss with your Trustee. We recommend that you write down as many questions as possible before you go to your first meeting with him/her.

Most important

The most vital thing to learn about bankruptcy is: What are the rules? Be sure to get your trustee to explain the rules, even if they seem clear from your research.

Especially crucial is: What will I be required to do in my bankruptcy? – Your trustee should clearly explain your duties.

Other popular questions

Some of the questions Trustees often hear are:

Remember that every person is unique, and your questions can make a big difference in helping the trustee to understand your situation. Browsing the Frequently Asked Questions section on this site will help you find topics important in your circumstances.

Get all your questions answered

Be sure to write down your questions as you think of them. It’s hard to remember everything you want to ask while you are in your meeting.

Do not sign any bankruptcy paperwork until all of your questions have been answered, and you understand how the bankruptcy process will affect you.

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If you leave the Trustee’s office and you you are not satisfied with the answers, it is your right to contact another trustee.