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Could you kindly let me know what to do with this situation. My mother is on CPP due to disability. She barely can support herself with the monthly income. She own her property with my dad and me, with little equity. She received a Writ of Seizure and Sale of Land from Canadian Tire mastercard, the collection company said they will they are in the process of contacting the Sheriff’s Office to sell the property. What is the risk that they would sell this property? Are they just threaten her? She could even afford to go bankruptcy. What you think she should do?
Thank you so much.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “Anne”

A licensed trustee said...

The risk that they will try and sell the property is very small, particularly since you and your father are also on title. What they will do is register the Writ with the Sheriff’s Office and if you try to sell the home or to refinance it the Writ will have to be paid.