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Money Problems in Canada

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Recently, my husband has been laid-off, and as a result we cannot pay our auto loans. I have heard that BC has a sieze or sue policy, in that once the lender siezes the vehicle (voluntary reposession in our case), we are NOT responsible for the deficiency on the loan. Is this true? Posted from: […]

I just wondered if during bankruptcy if a person is allowed to accept a monetary gift from a friend or family member. And if so, up to how muchÉ Posted from: Ontario

My spouse purchased our home before we got married. Around 3 yrs ago I had to co-sign for the mortgage because we refinanced, so my name is now on the mortgage and house. I want to get separated, can my spouse refinance again by himself (so my name gets removed)before we separate? I don`t want […]

i had a creditcard company go into my personal account and take out money for my visa payment with out my permission or warning or a letter Posted from: Ontario

I have a question regarding the way the debts are treated – what happens if someone who has some unsecured debts in Canada as well as the mortgage just leaves the country for a longer period of time (let`s say for at least 10 years from now on) – what will happened to his debts […]

How much money will make collection companies follow the debt outside canada? and how can you arrange a settlement from outside Canada, with the collection agency? thanks Posted from: Ontario

I am a single mother of two and am currently out of work. So my only income is my child support and child tax credit and am currently residing with family. I recently was notified that my ex had claimed bankrupt last year and had sent back a car that i co-signed for. Now they […]

I lost my job in January 2009. I have just enough money to make next month`s mortgage and car payment. I have $1000 is RRSPs, and that`s it. I can not lose either. What can I do? Posted from: Ontario

How much of your income tax return can the government legally guarnishee? Posted from: Manitoba

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