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Money Problems in Canada

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My husband is presently in personal bankruptcy, I am not, can I make a financial investment on the stock market, the investment account is in my name only.

I have a credit line of $18,000. and one $10,000. also a perdonal loan that is now $7,500. and 2 credit cards totalling $14,000. All this together is around more than $50K So far I have always paid my monthly dues and never been late, however i can`t anymore What can happens if i just […]

I have $30K in student loans that will be 7 years old in April, so basically I`m trying stretch things out until the new rules come into effect. However, the credit union has gotten a judgement against me and I have received a letter from the sheriff demanding payment and threatening to seize my property. […]

Hello… recently the company i worked for had this great idea of outsourcing the department i was in to india… since i was contract, i had no recourse (or so i was told) but the thing is, i`ve been struggling as it was to maintain payments to my debts (about 20K in osap, another 15k […]

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