Secured personal loan

I have a 34,000 secured loan, co-signed by a friend (his assets are the security). Does bankruptcy or filing a consumer proposal make any difference in this obligation, as I do not wish my friend to be stuck with this debt and would prefer to keep paying on it even if I go bankrupt or file a consumer proposal.

One Response to “Secured personal loan”

A licensed trustee said...

If you owned the security then as long as the lender consented, you’d be able to continue to make the required payments after you file for bankruptcy.

As your co-signer owns the security, it may not be as clear. Depending on how the loan has been written up, it may very well be an unsecured debt from your perspective.

All I can suggest is that you use the links on this page to find a trustee in your area and go and have a meeting with them to discuss the loan in greater detail.