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judgement against me

hello,i was hit with a letter last week from my work saying i owe 10000 for some furniture i recieved(it ws only 3000)any ways i didnt get a notice to go to court or anything,last night at 7 pm a lady shows up at my door and says `you`ve been served`now this letter states there will be a hearing to determine what they can take to satisfy there judgement,and it also states that i can be jailed for contemped of court if i dont question is can i go bankrupt before this date(oct 19 2009)and if so how and who do i speak to?thanks in advance

Posted from: Saskatchewan

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Barton Goth – Goth & Company Inc. -Trustee in Bankruptcy said...

Yes, you can file for bankruptcy and this will essentially trump the judgement. To file a bankruptcy you first need to sit down with a licensed trustee. They will evaluate your sitaution to make sure that you are eligible as well as outline all the in’s and out of the process. As your court hearing is coming fairly quickly I would encourage you to begin contacting the trustee sooner than later.