Bankruptcy Tsawwassen, British Columbia

As your stress levels rise over ever increasing debt and financial troubles, it may seem far-fetched to imagine there is no way out. Our support group can help guide you on your path towards financial relief, but sometimes the issue can be more complicated than you are prepared to handle by yourself. Look no further than Abakhan & Associates Inc., the Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm that understands your troubles and will work towards reducing your debts and stress levels.

Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options

Abakhan & Associates Inc. Trustees provide a free consultation for people dealing with debt. There is no obligation or pressure connected to this consultation, but having experts on your side that know the complexities of legal and financial issues will help you make the best decision for your personalized situation. They will help you decide if debt consolidation or bankruptcy is right for you, and will also help you consider alternatives for the best outcome possible.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees Tsawwassen team will help come up with a personalized plan of action to set you on the right path towards financial stability. With 37 years of experience and 16 years in business, know that your troubles are understood and will be taken care of with smart and rational decision-making, and that only the highest ethical standards will be met as your situation is handled by CIRP CA members.

By filling out the form, know that you will soon be in contact with an expert to discuss your options in a completely free and confidential manner. While it will never be easy handling your debts, the Abakhan & Associates Inc. team will assist you along the way to debt freedom.

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