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If you are burdened with debt and anxious because of it, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you. There are many ways of dealing with debt and getting your life back. Our trustees can help you find the debt solution that is right for you.

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Our firm has been helping people like you for decades. No matter how complicated your financial situation might be, we can help you by analyzing your case and by explaining you the options available to you for dealing with your debt.

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Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options in Saint-Jérôme

Frederic Lachance, Trustee
Frederic Lachance, Licensed Insolvency Trustee/Syndic Autorisé en Insolvabilité

Frederic Lachance, our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Saint-Jérôme, will meet you for a free and confidential consultation on ways to handle your debt, with no obligation and no high pressure tactics. The trustee will explain the options available to you so you can make the best decision for your future.

If you are tired of living with the financial and psychological stress of having too much debt, it’s time to deal with the situation once and for all. Our staff is waiting to assist you. We understand that even responsible people can find themselves in bad financial situations, so there will be no judgement. There is no need to live with this burden. You deserve a debt-free life and financial security.

To begin your path to a brighter, debt-free future, schedule your free and confidential consultation with our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Saint-Jérôme – either call us or email us by submitting the contact form on this page.

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