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Are you losing sleep over your financial problems? Our Licensed Insolvency Trustee can help you get on the road to getting out of debt and leading a debt-free life.

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Everyone can find themselves in troubles; changes are a part of life. How you handle them makes a difference. Our Trustee can help you find a suitable debt repayment schedule for yourself and your creditors. It’s also worth mentioning that some creditors will work with you once they know you are seeking professional help.

Our approach is that to be able to make a good decision that will work well for you, you will first need to know what options are available to you for managing your debt and under your specific circumstances.

Find Out What Your Options Are for Filing Bankruptcy in Rimouski

Our licensed Trustee serving your area, provides a free initial, no-obligation consultation where the goal is exactly that: to educate you about what are the solutions you can choose from, explain them, and also what would in their opinion be the best path for you. This includes for example, credit counselling, consumer proposal, filing bankruptcy, or some other solution the Trustee might see fit for you and your family. The final decision will be yours, and you can make it the same day or later, whenever you want.

Our Trustees have been helping people with debt management for years. We understand the changes in Canadian bankruptcy laws and what debtors can and cannot do. Be assured that with our help you can find a way out of your debt problems.

You can regain control of your finances and live a happier life. And the first step is easy and risk-free: meet with the Trustee for your free consultation. You can contact us by calling our office or by submitting the contact form on this page.