Bankruptcy Oak Bay, British Columbia

When you’re struggling financially, it can almost seem like you have nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Debt can make people feel hopeless and powerless, but we here, at Abakhan & Associates Inc., can help turn your financial situation around and help get you started on the track towards better living through debt management and reduction.

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Choosing our firm to assist you in your time of need, means having a team of dedicated Bankruptcy professionals waiting to assist you in whatever way they can in order to get you back into good financial shape. When you’re facing an overwhelming debt situation or a pending financial crisis, sometimes declaring bankruptcy is just the best choice to make. You may already know this and may even be currently taking steps towards doing so on your own, but declaring bankruptcy can be a difficult and mind numbing process that can be confusing to do correctly, which is why it’s important to get help from the professionals. They’ll have the necessary experience working within the system that’ll help ensure you find the absolute best way out of your tough economic situation.

Our team has been in business for or over 16 years, and has over 37 years of combined experience. We have five different licensed trustees in the firm along with a team of 30 administrators backing them up. They’re also rated CAIRP, CA, BA, and CIRP, and have all the proper licensure.

Everyone has different financial needs and each case will need a different financial strategy to determine exactly what route is best to take, which is why our firm is dedicated to giving every single one of our clients tailored and targeted service they deserve. If you’re facing financial hardship and your debt seems to be getting out of control, then make sure to contact our Licensed Insolvency Trustees serving the Oak Bay area, so we can immediately begin going over your case and start you off on your path towards debt freedom.

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