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Most of us hope that our income will cover all of our costs, but unfortunately, this may not be reality. Higher food, clothing and housing costs can quickly overwhelm a salary that is stagnant or even declining.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer services in Nanaimo. We can help you deal with that all-important decision on whether you should fill for bankruptcy or not.

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You need someone on your side because the banks have their own experienced lawyers who will attempt to wring every last dollar from you. Bankruptcy is an extreme choice, but it is a lifeline if used properly. The bankruptcy process in Canada is actually quite favourable to debtors allowing you to satisfy at least a portion of your responsibilities while starting over.

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Credit card, automobile and home debts don’t simply disappear when you lose your job. Your creditors have their own bills to pay. When you take out a loan, the bank places your liability on its book as assets. Bankers will make frequent calls reminding you of your promise to repay your debts.

During this stressful time, it can be difficult to focus on the proper solution. You might hear plenty of rumours. Some of the bankruptcy statutes have changed and you need to talk with true professionals to determine the right solution.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees understand all relevant Canadian bankruptcy law and how they will be applied to your situation. They will sit down with you and offer an objective assessment of your personal finances. Avoid the fly-by-night scams that will cost you a lot of money and deliver nothing in return.

When you are ready, the Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Nanaimo can help.

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