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Filing for bankruptcy is a tough realization. However, sometimes in life we are thrown curve balls that leave us with no other viable option than seeking out the help of a bankruptcy professional in order to have a fresh start.

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This is exactly why Bankruptcy Canada was launched: to give those faced with unmanageable debt the tools and support needed in order to achieve a debt free life. We have partnered with a number of Licensed Insolvency Trustee firms across the country, including Abakhan & Associates Inc. These bankruptcy professionals have almost 40 years of experience in the bankruptcy industry. At this location, there are of 30 administrators and 5 licensed trustees available to help you start building you debt-relief plan.

The team at Abakhan & Associates Inc. understands that every financial situation is unique and requires a customized strategy. They will work directly with you to help you grasp your financial situation and build a plan that will get you to a debt free life. Their knowledge will give you the ability to make an educated decision in regards to which bankruptcy relief route is the best one for you.

You can be confident that the bankruptcy team in Maple Ridge will review your finances in a confidential manner and offer you the material, guidance, and alternatives to successfully get you on the road to being debt free.

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