Bankruptcy Lytton, British Columbia

Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer services in Lytton. We can meet you at any of our GVA offices or instead at a location of your convenience in Lytton. We are available when and where you need us.

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Financial distress can lead to health problems, social distress and work conflicts. You may not have made any mistakes. The economy might have been slow and you were laid off from the factory. You could not keep up with your credit card payments.

You need to face bankruptcy with a serious, focused determination. While you may not have caused your present pain, you will need to create a coherent, cogent plan in order to escape from your financial hole.

Trustees can do the background research on relevant law and apply them to your circumstances. Many trustees have spent years dealing with financial problems. In fact, our Trustees team has been in business for 16 years. The team has 5 licensed professionals serving your needs. There is also a strong administrative support staff of 30 to complete any paperwork.

Our accredited team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees has CAIRP, CIRP CA and BA to offer you a wide range of bankruptcy services. Inexperienced bankruptcy representatives won’t even realize what they are missing. Trust your finances with experienced trustees. The bankruptcy process could involve several court hearings. When you are new to this, you might be intimidated. You might sacrifice some of your rights unnecessarily.

The Canadian bankruptcy court judge will review your credit history looking at income, loans and missed payments. In the Canadian system, much of the process hinges on determining time periods for continuing payments. If you have filed bankruptcy previously, you will be expected to repay for a longer period of time. Your Licensed Insolvency Trustee will explain this in more detail. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will help you gauge your best prospects for financial rebirth. When you use the bankruptcy process in the right way, you can get your life back.

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