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Having financial issues can be a huge burden on your professional and personal life. It can be the most stressful time in a person’s life. Instead of trying to deal with these financial problems alone, it is better to seek assistance.

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer services to Ladysmith area residents. Call or email us to book your free consultation with a Trustee.

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Free Consultations Appointments are available Monday to Friday and on weekends. Please call or email for a time that suits your schedule.

We are proud to offer our clients some of the best at bankruptcy-related services in the country. We have the staff to manage any case. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ladysmith can navigate the complexities of your debt. By providing a consultation free of charge, we give you the opportunity to get an expert opinion on your finances. In fact, the consultations come with no obligations to use our services, meaning there is no downside to contacting us.

Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options

Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ladysmith can find a way to make the best of your financial situation. There are many cases where we offer alternatives to bankruptcy. In other situations, we will help you with the filing process.

There is always a stigma attached to filing for bankruptcy (and insolvency in general). People see it at a desperate move and as the end of the road. However, we are here to tell you that declaring bankruptcy can be the start of a new chapter. Instead of fretting over your finances, you can find viable options to safeguard your financial future. Declaring bankruptcy now may seem scary, but it will help you rebuild your credit, finances, and your future.

Hiding your bank statements and avoiding creditors is no way to live. Being scared every time the phone rings, hoping it’s not someone asking for their money, can be a stressful life. Avoid all of this by contacting our Licensed Insolvency Trustees in Ladysmith. Either contact us through our phone number or fill out our online forms. A representative will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a time for your free consultation.  Call 250-984-8345 today!