Bankruptcy Trustee in Duncan, BC

If you are suffering from a lack of income and your debt is becoming overwhelming in Duncan, bankruptcy may be the answer to your problems. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer services in Duncan. Call or email us to make an appointment for your free consultation. Our Trustees can help you in a confidential and supportive environment by designing a solution that will work you.

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Appointments are available Monday to Friday and on occasional weekend. Please call or email for a time that suits your schedule.

Our mission is to find a SOLUTION for all parties and we make sure you get on the right path to financial independence. Don’t hesitate to email us now and set up an appointment, there is no charge for your initial consultation.

Don’t wait until your financial strains become too much and threaten your work and social life. Our firm provides all services related to bankruptcy and insolvency. Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are knowledgeable about Canadian law and can help you find the right solution through a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy.


Learn More About Bankruptcy and Your Other Alternatives

Bankruptcy is a difficult decision and a scary prospect,but we can help you understand if it is the right solution for you.

AConsumer proposalallows us to help you consolidate your debt.This creates one manageable payment that lasts no more than five years.Personal bankruptcy,or summary bankruptcy,free you completely from your debt.Our bankruptcy Duncan trustee experts are committed professionals that will find a quick and successful result for you.

We won’t stop there.Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees will help you to understand your credit and debits so you can understand where the troubles begin.We’ll show you what credit agencies look for and how to avoid pitfalls in the future.Our Licensed Insolvency Trustees are well versed in Canadian law so don’t fall behind any further than you already are.Let us help dig you out of your financial troubles now call1-250-984-8345.