Bankruptcy Cumberland, British Columbia

Licensed Insolvency Trustees offer services in Cumberland. We can meet you in our office on Vancouver Island, or at a location of your choosing. Our LIT is available on your schedule.

Instead of ignoring your financial problems, contact a Trustee today so that they can help you address any outstanding debt issues. Understanding all the options available allows you to start rebuilding your finances and your life.

Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options

Imagine being debt free – how much better would you feel? The constant stress, the worrying, and the helplessness you feel everyday will disappear. Our office has 5 licensed trustees, CAIRP, CIRP CA, BA professionals, and 30 administrators – that’s 37 years of experience – all ready to help you.

Filing for bankruptcy is never easy. But with our team at your disposal, the process becomes much easier. And since everyone’s financial situation is different, we will meet with you to design a bankruptcy plan that makes sense for your particular situation. As bankruptcy laws change, they become more and more complicated. Let us work through the legalities of bankruptcy, so you can plan your future.

Once you acknowledge you need to get rid of this debt burden that’s holding you back, you will begin to feel better. Contact our office today so we can answer any questions or concerns you still have about bankruptcy. Unfortunately, there is lots of misinformation circulating about debt management and bankruptcy. Our mission is to provide you with accurate information you can use to make your life better.

It’s all up to you – call today or continue to live with ever mounting debt. Create a better future by taking the steps necessary to clean up your finances once and for all. But don’t do it alone. Our team wants to help you and others reach the best financial goals possible. After creating a plan, you can make permanent changes to the way you spend and save so you never have to file for bankruptcy ever again.

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Please use the map below to find our Cumberland office or call 1-778-200-2631.