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Trying to manage unmanageable debt has the ability to make us feel as though there is no way out of our financial situation. That being said, it’s important that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your debt that you understand that there are support and options available to you to move forward successfully.

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Our mission is to help Canadians faced with unmanageable debt move forward successfully (debt-free!). Our Trustee will give you the information needed, regarding consumer proposals, personal bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and any other alternatives that may be available to you, to help you make the best debt relief decision. It all starts with your first free, confidential, no-pressure consultation.

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Find Out More About Your Bankruptcy Options in Belleville, Ontario

Filing for bankruptcy or consumer proposal allows you to eliminate most debts, and get a fresh start. Once you file bankruptcy, collection calls and wage garnishments stop, and you can begin rebuilding your financial life. There are also bankruptcy alternatives such as debt consolidation or consumer proposals that may be a better option for you. This is where our team comes in. Speaking with our Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Belleville is the best place to start.

If you’re faced with unmanageable debt and want to get on your way to becoming debt-free, call 1-888-261-9345 and speak with our Trustee in Belleville today. They will be able to make you an appointment for your consultation and help you start realizing your debt free life.