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  • I really appreciate this site

    Thank you for this site. I received my discharge papers from my Trustee last week. Over the past 9 months I have visited this site on a daily basis and it has been a huge help. I really appreciate this site and will continue to come back and read. For all of you out there […]

  • Great site

    I received my automatic discharge from a first time bankruptcy about 1 week ago. I just wanted to commend you for your efforts on this website. I felt educated about the process both from going through the information on the site and then also after I first contacted my trustee, they too answered my questions […]

  • Thank you

    Thank you for your help! Your site has been very informative, and we have now had a meeting with a trustee.

  • Thanks for all the guidance and help

    After reading the information available on your website and evaluating my options, I opted to file a proposal which has recently been accepted. I feel good, as I feel that I am taking responsibility for some bad financial decisions. I wish to thank you for this great website, for helping me find a good Trustee, […]

  • The most informative site

    I just received my automatic discharge and want to thank the trustees for providing their expertise and all that they do on this phenomenal site. I’ve read every single archived blog dating back to 2005 and this truly is the best and most informative site out there. Trust me, I looked!