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After my ex husband and I split I moved out of our matrimonial home. He stated that he was assuming the mortgage even though I couldn’t get my name off of it. To my surprise I got served papers by the mortgage company that we were through, 2 weeks ago. It stated that he filed for bankruptcy 2 years ago and that I was being taken to court for almost 200,000$. If I file for bankruptcy will this go away? I can’t afford to pay any of that back because I work part time for min wage. On top of that other creditors will soon come knocking jumping that number to 300,000$. What should I do ?

Posted from: Nova Scotia

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A licensed trustee said...

Ex’s – the gift that keeps on….

You should speak to a trustee in your area. They will be able to tell you if it makes sense to talk to a Family Law expert about your ex, or simply to proceed with a bankruptcy. Right now you need more information about your options, but based on what you have written, bankruptcy certainly sounds like an option.