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can my wages be garnished every two weeks

I owe back taxes and had been paying but now CRA have passed this debt to a credit agency, my salary has been garnished, how much can they take of my salary and how often? will it be a monthly payment or every two weeks?

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “can my wages be garnished every two weeks”

A licensed trustee said...

In Ontario your wages may be garnisheed up to a maximum of 50%, but that is usually reserved for person that owe support. CRA regularly garnishees at either 20 or 30% of your pay.

They will apply the garnoishee to eveyr pay cheque you are entitled to receive – if you are paid bi-weekly then it will come off your cheque every two weeks. If you pay flucuates then so will the amount of the garnishee.

Depending on the size of your tax debt and what other debts you may owe, you might want to speak to a professional about your situation. To stop a government garnosheee you pretty much have to do one of the folowing:

1) pay the debt off
2) file a consumer proposal that the governmetn accepts
3) file bankruptcy

Use the links on this site to find a trustee in your area to call.