Garnished wages but no no longer working there

November 30th, 2015 by Questions

A court order was decided against me for a debt to a money mart type of store, I did not attend the court date, but it was ordered that they could garnish my wages, I was fired from my job 1 1/2 months previously. What is most likely their next action against me, I have applied but gave not started to receive any E.I. payments.


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, Doug Stuive, CA | Trustee | CIRP said:

If money mart has a judgment against you that they can enforce by a court order wage garnishment that is usually their only means of collection against you. It is possible to also get a court order to seize certain assets you may have but many assets are exempt from this type of collection activity. To determine if that is a possibility we would need to know what assets you have and their value. In all likelihood the creditor will resubmit their wage garnishment to your next employer when you again find work. Depending on the amount of the debt and whether you have other debts you may wish to seek the advice and services of a trustee in bankruptcy. A consumer proposal or a bankruptcy can stop the wage garnishment so that you do not have to be without your employment income when you find work again.

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