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reporting to credit agencies?

I had 3 creditors included in my bankruptcy. My bankruptcy has been cleared from my credit report (more than 6 years since discharge). I just got a copy of my credit report and one of my creditors is still reporting every month – it does have a note “included in bankruptcy”. Should this not have ‘disappeared’ after the bankruptcy did? Or can they indefinitely be reporting to the credit bureaus so that you can always see it??

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “reporting to credit agencies?”

A licensed trustee said...

If the debt is still appearing on your credit bureau it is because the creditor is still reporting it. The most effective way to have it removed is to contact the creditor directly and ask them to stop reporting the debt (it may be a simple error on their part – they may not even know they are doing it). The other option is to use the credit bureau’s dispute process – you’ll find it on their website.

Try the creditor first, if it works it will be quicker and more effective. If you have to use the credit bureau’s dispute process be prepared for this to take a while…