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Germany coming after me here in Canada??

I got a letter yesterday from a debt collector stating I owe money to a bank in Germany. What can I do as I live in Ontario Canada. Can a bank come after me here in Canada throu a debt collector? How do I know for sure it is my debt? Yes I use to live in Germany–7 yrs ago but I cleared everything up when I left–or so I thought. I never recieved notice or any letters about this so called debt. What is my rights? What can I do?

One Response to “Germany coming after me here in Canada??”

A licensed trustee said...

You need to speak to a lawyer – I am not aware of any treaties that allow any foreign creditor from enforcing a collection Order in Canada. That doesn’t mean they can’t contact you here and try and pursuade you to pay – it just means they can’t use the legal system to compell you to pay.