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Statute of limitations and consumer proposal

Years ago my mother put me as a secondary on her credit card little did I know it was already maxed out. A few years later my mother ended up filing for bankrupty and the bank came after me for the 15, 000 which I had no idea it was even that much as never saw a statement. They froze my account wouldn’t let me access my money as I refused to pay unless they could show proof I spent the money. After awhile they left me alone but I always hated the what if’s hanging over my head. Last year I contacted a Trustee who made me a appt to come talk about this old debt and I was told I had to pay it, I questioned it to be sure the bank hadn’t contacted me in over 8 years it wasn’t on my credit report as me even having this debt I was told I was still responsible and the debt had ballooned to over 30,000 with interest. I was talked into doing a proposal 350 a mnth for 5 yrs, now I hear there was a statue of limitations and they couldn’t have come after me is this correct? Am I paying for a proposal I didn’t have to

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Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, Trustee | B.A. | C.I.R.P said...

From the information you have provided us with we are not able to comment on whether or not you should have filed a consumer proposal. In order to file a consumer proposal you would have spoken with a trustee in bankruptcy who would have reviewed your debts, your income, assets etc. and provided you with available options. If you are now concerned about the filing of the consumer proposal, you should speak directly with your trustee. They will likely be able to shed some light on your concerns as well as provide you with options that are now available to you.