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NSLSC has not cleared my student loans

I finished school in may 2002. My student loans became payable in Nov 2002. I did a consumer proposal Oct 2010 and received my certificate of full completion in Jan 2014. My student loans were claimed in the proposal,
since my discharge NSLSC has not cleared my loans even after having my trustee and myself sending in multiple copies of my clearance. What can i do to clear this matter

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “NSLSC has not cleared my student loans”

Desmond West-Chow, CIRP said...

Thank you for your post. The specifics in relation to student loans can be very sensitive. Overall the rule is fairly straightforward, a student loan is cleared by a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy if you have been out of school (full or part-time) for at least 7 years when the bankruptcy or consumer proposal is filed. When dealing with situations such as these, there is a great deal of information that is required to provide you with the proper direction that you need (i.e. what school you attended, when the bankruptcy was filed, who the debt is with etc.). As your trustee will have most of this on file, this really becomes the type of question you need to pose to your trustee. Now if all the hallmarks of this rule are met and student loans is still not recognizing this you may need to seek counsel of a local insolvency lawyer to assist with this. If that is the case again your trustee will be able to point you in the right direction.