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summons to small claims court

I have just received a summons for small claims court for a credit card bill that I am unable to pay. They want me to pay over 21% interest on the just over $10, 000 balance. I have one other credit and jointly own my hown with a mortgage and a vehichle on which I am making payments, I am retired and on a fixed income. I am managing to keep up the payments om my home and vehichle but I have no more money to pay out. Is a consumer proposal an option in this case. I dod not have any idea what to do and the bank did not hlp when I asked for help.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “summons to small claims court”

A licensed trustee said...

A proposal might be the right solution for you – it is certainly becoming more common for pensioners. Use the links on this site to find a trustee in your area and give them a call to discuss your options.