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So Confused

In 2010 I started (or at least I thought I started) CP with a company. The phone calls stopped but the company I chose (and paid $1000) constantly needed more info and in general seemed a little unorganised. I have since moved and tried contacting the company to try and get the ball rolling again. I am more settled now and want to get my life back. Where should I start? Should I be able to get my money back from the other company that is listed with the BBB?

Posted from: Saskatchewan

One Response to “So Confused”

A licensed trustee said...

I think you should start by contacting teh nearest Office of the Supewrintendent of Bankruptcy to find out whether or not you did file a proposal – if you weren’t asked to make regular payments then you probably haven’t… If you haven’t then the people you were dealing with probably were not trustees – more likley they were debt consultants. You should ask for a refund, but you may have trouble getting one…