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I just received a letter yesterday stating that CHMC would be garnishing my wages up to 20% of the gross. Today I find out as well that CHMC placed a freeze on my bank account, is it possible for them to double dip?

I was willing to accept the garnishment as I have other creditors that I have been working with to rebuild my credit but now my fear is that CMHC will be seizing all monies and leaving me no choice but to file for a CP, thereby damaging everything else I’ve been trying to improve.

Is it possible only to make a CP to CHMC? I just started getting back on my feet only to see this knocking me back to square one, please advise as I get paid on Monday and can’t afford to live on 0 dollars?

Thank you in advance.

Posted from: Ontario

One Response to “CMHC Debt”

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A licensed trustee said...

No, you may not make a proposal just to CMHC – all of your unsecured creditors must be treated the same way. Everyone is in or everyone is out.