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Creditors are calling everyday demanding that I make payments

Hi my husband went through a consumer proposal a couple months ago -I thought we both should have filed since my name is on most loans as well as his(my trustee said i have no income so no point) now the problem is that the Creditors are calling everyday demanding that I make payments that are owed because I never filed for proposal & all my Trustee says if I have no income they can’t get any money from me but the Creditors are threatening Legal Action to me-is the Trustee wrong not to have filed a couple’s Proposal? This is getting really stressful to me & the Trustee doesn’t seem to care-she never takes time to help out like I thought she was supposed to.Please could you answer my question as to what I should do & if I can enter into a Proposal as well without having to pay out more money-Thank You

Posted from: Saskatchewan

One Response to “Creditors are calling everyday demanding that I make payments”

A licensed trustee said...

It sounds to me like the trustee your husband is dealing with has done you a disservice. They are correct – if you have no income then there is very little a creditor can do to you right now – except harass the daylights out of you. (I suppose you could change your phone number to an unlisted exchange).

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix. You could apply to the Court to have the proposal amended to include your name. Or you can file your own proposal(or perhaps bankruptcy).

Start by calling the local Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy and telling them your story – they might have another suggestion. Good luck sorting this out.