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Consumer Proposal Out

I have a Consumer Proposal and have been paying it for 33/36 finishes in 3 months $425.00
When filing it was for 335 for 36 months payable for 12,060. I call my trustee to confirm that my file will be finished in 3 months (File was sold to another trustee)
I found out the the proposal was for 425.00 for 60 months. I know if the increase but not of the 60 month.
I would not have done this if I know of the 60 months.
Do I have to pay the 60 months – I have not confirmation from anyone in writing
Can I refuse to have after the 36 months.

Posted from: Quebec

One Response to “Consumer Proposal Out”

A licensed trustee said...

I think you need to speak directly to your trustee. If there’s n proof you accepted the “new” terms you may not have to pay, BUT if you don’t pay then proposal may be annulled (canceled).

If you don’t think you are being treated fairly by your trustee you may also call the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to discuss your concerns.