secure card and consumer proposal

Is it best to go through someone to obtain a secure card while part way through a consumer proposal; having a third party represent you?

Posted from: Ontario

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A licensed trustee said...

You shouldn’t have to use a third party to help you arrange for a secured credit card. There are a number of companies that offer secured cards off of the internet – do a search and select one that wasn’t already included in your proposal.

One word of caution – right now all of the credit markets (in the world) are pretty screwed up. The companies that offer secured cards may not be issuing any right now simply because of the financial crisis.

An alternative to a secured card is/are prepaid credit cards. These aren’t really credit cards because you give the money before you use the card, but it is a way to have something that looks and acts like a credit card if you really need one and can’t get approval right now.